Business development within the planetary boundaries

To develop companies within the planet’s natural budgets is a learning process where we experiment and continuously improve. It’s a process where we learn together.

We help you keep the long-term perspective in mind while setting short-term and action-oriented goals.

Together, we develop and implement business models, organizational designs, and digital strategies with the triple bottom line.

We succeed when you succeed!


We have experience from many different industries and have helped both entrepreneurs, small and large companies. You are the experts in your field, and we will help you create a business that also creates value in both 10, 20, and 50 years.


We know someone who knows everything that we don’t know enough about. No one succeeds in the transition alone. We need to reach out, collaborate and form partnerships to create the world we want to be a part of in the future.

Educational Institutions

We educate others to do the same as us. As guest lecturers and teachers at vocational schools and universities at home and abroad, we help teach students, entrepreneurs, leaders, and board members to change business as usual and contribute to a better balance for the planet and society.